Vancouver Realty: What You Should Know

One of the most gorgeous cities in Canada is Vancouver which has a very ripe real estate market as well as an economic opportunity that is full. People from all over UK, Europe and Asia have been spending their money and time in order to find dream homes in this city. It is however very important to understand the dynamics of the real estate industry in this city before settling in and purchasing a home in this city. For potential buyers, information such as marketing trends and sales volume is very important. This article therefore looks at how profitable it could be for one to purchase an home in Vancouver in the financial year ended 2013. Here's a good read about  Lorne Goldman Reviews, check it out!

2013 was a very good year to Vancouver. There was a good balance between the listings and sales despite the fact that home sales fell slightly. Vancouver is one of the better areas to purchase a home in Canada because of its market stability. According to reports about listings from May 2012 to May 2013, there was an increase of 1% in sales listings. This increase has a very positive influence on the home prices as well as implying a better market for buyers across the city. To gather more awesome ideas on  Lorne Goldman Reviews, click here to get started.

According to the affordability and Housing trends Report of 2013 the bungalow and home prices in Vancouver are at lower at 10 percent. This therefore represents a very good time to purchase a home for the buyer but definitely a negative one for the sellers. An average cost for a small home in Vancouver ranges between $474,000 which represents a 40% fall from the 10 year Average as indicated by current trends.

It is important to note that this market trends are driven by a range of factors. Marketing trends therefore fall according to the area that one is looking. For instance, West Vancouver has experienced increased listings making it a good place for the buyers to migrate to while Northern Vancouver has specialized in lower priced homes. West Vancouver has been pointed out to be the best place to buy a condo because the sellers are desperate to sell.

The growth in real estate is likely to grow over the next period and therefore if one is interested to buying a home around that area, it is vital that they keep looking around that area. The real estate agents will help one find a good home around this beautiful city. Kindly contact Lorne Goldman for your dream home in Vancouver. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.